Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back home again (Day 6)

As promised, I’ve returned both physically and figuratively. I began drafting a long post about surgery and the hospital post-op experience, but have lacked the energy and concentration to bang it out. That will have to come later, I’m afraid. In the interim, I’ll try to provide some brief updates.

Knee-replacement surgery has been an overwhelming experience thus far. The pain is considerable, as is the extent to which you’re temporarily debilitated. But 5 out of 5 dentists say I’m doing very well thus far. The surgery went smoothly and there have been no complications. The physical therapists had me up and walking (with a walker) the day after surgery and my leg has grown a little stronger each day since. I'm hoping my age and relatively good physical condition will speed up the recovery process.

I was initially a bit nervous about coming home, but my wife and kids have done a great job of preparing the house for an invalid. They are, of course, taking great care of me. The therapist and nurse came to seem me yesterday and will be back on Monday. The therapy itself is not too taxing and I’ve been conscientious about doing my exercises. It’s difficult to describe just how much I want to be back on my feet and feeling “normal” again.

I'm guessing that it's a byproduct of the trauma that knee replacement represents, but I've been irritable, especially today. Finding a comfortable position in which to sleep has been my biggest challenge. The therapist suggested placing a pillow underneath my knee, which helped some last night. But I managed to twist it a few times (it doesn't take much), leaving me sorer than usual this morning. It's an annoyance, but no big deal. I'm obviously hoping that it will start to feel better as the day progresses.

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