Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 25

Woooot! I'm legal. The physician's assistant for Knee Replacement Guy just gave me permission to drive to outpatient physical therapy, which is due to begin Tuesday morning. She went along with the plan knowing that it's my left knee they replaced and that I'm stepping down from Percocet to less potent Vicodin as my pain medication du jour.

The pain persists. Despite not getting to sleep until late, I was awakened this morning with some sharp pangs, which forced me to take a pain pill and get an earlier-than-planned start to the day. I got through my exercises and walked the same distance route as in the previous two days. I'm not sure I can go much farther at the moment, although it felt slightly better today after my walk.

I'll have to push myself to go a little farther soon. John the Therapist is coming for his last home visit this afternoon, so the knee will receive more than enough work today.

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