Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 26

I'm getting out and about more. I made it through my son's first scrimmage of the season yesterday on a chilly day. (A sophomore, he made his varsity debut, pitching two scoreless innings, striking out three. He also hit a ball to the warning track in right field that normally would have carried for a home run. I'm not too proud of him.)

The pain hasn't been bad, despite the stepdown from Perocet (every four hours) to Vicodin (every six hours). I went without painkillers for over eight hours yesterday without ill effect. While I'm fine during the day, sleeping remains a problem. I've not been able to sleep through the night or for very long stretches the last week. I'm apparently putting the leg in some awkward positions at night that is causing additional pain. I need to do work on sleep positions in the hope of eliminating some of the pressure (and pain).

We went out to dinner last night for the first time since surgery, which was great. Another step toward normalcy. And this evening, I'll be returning to my Sunday night cooking duties. It has always been a tradition in our household that I cook something extra nice for Sunday supper. (Cooking is one of my great loves.) I'm doing something simple, pasta carbonara, a longtime family favorite. It will be nice to get back in front of the stove.

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